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Morph’s Enterprise offerings help Enterprises and Utility companies, regardless of industry or location. They all face significant changes in their markets. Government deregulation and privatization have granted access to new entrants and increased competitive pressures. In addition, factors such as decentralized energy generation, increased demand for energy conservation and new electricity distribution initiatives have spurred the development of smart grid technology to communicate and coordinate the interactions between customers and suppliers. This has required utility companies to transform their IT infrastructures to support real-time and online data collection and customer information. Based on proven, carrier-grade technology, Morph allows utility companies to make more informed business decisions, improve customer satisfaction and rapidly offer their customers new services with ease.

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With mobile phones achieving ubiquitous levels of penetration among consumers, people aspire to do more with their mobile phones. After the revolution that was ushered in by affordable mobile phones, there is a gradual shift by consumers and businesses alike to embrace affordable smart phones. Morph offers mobile solutions and applications on various mobile technology platforms. A vast technology bandwidth enables us to work across diverse platforms, ranging from applications on varied devices like iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

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Partner Management helps the service provider to enhance profitability from partners and retaining the right partners. Partner Management solution enables companies to extend their business processes to work collaboratively with multiple partners in order to deliver multiple services. Partner Management efficiently manages the entire partner lifecycle— from recruiting and managing partners to defining the roles and privileges for each partner. With efficient management of partners like content provider, application provider for both inbound and outbound traffic increases profit and prevent revenue leakage.

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Morph’s telecom offerings and solutions help telecom companies respond better and faster to the fast-changing business environment and growing opportunities. Diminishing voice revenues (ARPU), high churn rate and increasing competition compel you to look at new revenue streams. The Morph SDP has been developed as a solution to this problem. Morph SDP allows service providers to define, develop and deploy new services far faster than they have been able to in the past. This is achieved in two ways: Morph SDP provides a framework which makes the definition and development of new services very easy It also provides a single environment within which network integration occurs once, so new services do not require major new IT integration.


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